Time to get practical. We’ve been curious, we’ve found out, now it’s time to do something. This is a fully-functional, fold-out, yearly planner filled with information and guidance on how to make the biggest impact in the fight for change. It’s 366* days of revolutionary action.

There’s plenty of space to add your birthdays and anniversaries but this essentials-only calendar is where you will find dates that are helping to push the revolution forward: World Water Day comes with tips on saving water; on Earth Day we highlight fashion’s impact and provide some tools to make a change and, of course, you’ll find Fashion Revolution Week 2020, the week where our collective voices are the loudest.

Grab a copy, stick it on your wall or fold it up and keep it in your pocket; ready to reference wherever you might be.

By purchasing the 2020 wall planner, you are helping to support the work of Fashion Revolution worldwide as we fight for systemic change in the fashion industry.

*2020 is a leap year (thats one extra day to make a difference).