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As the current outbreak of COVID-19 continues to spread globally we encourage all citizens around the world to follow the advice of their local government health guidelines and comply with any restrictions to public event participation and venues. 

When it comes to planning and attending public events and offline activations for Fashion Revolution Week, please monitor the advice of local authorities and ensure the safety of the public is well considered. We encourage people to opt for digital activism where public participation is reduced. This can include asking “Who Made My Clothes?” through the power of social media, along with digital events like webinars or live stream activations. 

You can add your online events to our event page by selecting ‘online’ in event type. Please include instructions and links for guests to join the event online. If you have posted an event and would like to change it to an online event or cancel it please email


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Guide: How to host a swishing party

Guide: How to host a swishing party

Other than getting a brand new look, swishing is pretty good for the planet too. It keeps items in circulation, offsets shopping and stops western clothes swamping and suffocating developing world markets. Find out how to host your own with this handy guide.