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MYAR x Fashion Open Studio : A Modern View of The Past

April 28 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am Free

In collaboration with Fashion Revolution and Fashion Open Studio, this year Lablaco invites everyone to discover the secret working space of Entrepreneur – Andrea Rosso, Founder of MYAR and the visionary of Military Upcycling, talking about what sustainability means to him and taking us through the story of the garments from his new collection.


Andrea has been actively championing the sustainability in the fashion industry with his label MYAR.

“I love to get pulled in by vintage junk! I always find something that attracts me and stays in my mind. All of these military garments have been worn by different lives, in different parts of the world, for different reasons. And after they are sat inside warehouses in forgotten piles. I love to take this garments from the past and give them a second life. MYAR reuses, revives and recreates. MYAR is a modern view of the past”.


is born out of an obsessive observation with what people are wearing on the street and the manner in which it all connects back to army clothing. Army life is about belonging to a group with a unique set of values and commands. MYAR, anagram of ARMY and also my initials, bring together different individuals from all walks of life under one common passion for vintage army gear, to the point that it becomes a dress code.


FASHION REVOLUTION’s showcasing initiative, launched in 2017, is a week of presentations, talks, openings and workshops shining a light on emerging designers, established trailblazers and major players, celebrating the people and processes behind fashion and accessories collections, promoting industry transparency and longevity through simple, authentic narratives that resonate with consumers and creatives alike.

How to WATCH :

Click on the link below to live stream the event and ask LIVE QUESTIONS for Andrea during the session: