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‘Goat to Garment’ Screening + Learning Lab

April 24 @ 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm €17.45

We’re collaborating with The Knitwit Stable to bring you a Learning Lab on re-thinking how we work with wool (and drive change in the fashion industry).

Mohair (goat) and merino wool (sheep) has been a controversial textile within sustainable fashion and there is a big gap in knowledge between design and production. This session will share inside learnings on the supply chain of wool, equipping you to make informed decisions within your own business when it comes using mohair, merino or other kinds of wool.

We will kick off the session with a twenty minute documentary, followed by an interactive workshop to understand what it takes to go from goat to garment, as well as how to meet sustainability standards along the way. You’ll also get the opportunity to see and feel samples from each step of the wool supply chain, including fleece, yarn, and finished garments, and actually try out spinning and knitting mohair and merino.

Who this session is for: Anyone working within the textile industry, interested in designing or distributing knitted garments, or students wanting to gain better understanding of processing wool and it’s supply chain.

What you will get out of the session: Deep understanding of how a supply chain is built, how to make better decisions when it come to your own supply chain and how a local business can improve it’s production process.


16.30 – 17.30 Tour of Fashion for Good (optional)

17.00 – 17.30 Walk in (if not joining the tour)

17.30 – 19.00 Exclusive Screening of ‘Goat to Garment’ & Interactive Workshop on the Wool Supply Chain

About Fashion for Good

We believe that Good Fashion is not only possible, it is within reach — what the industry lacks are the resources, tools and incentives to put it into relentless practice. Our mission at Fashion for Good is to bring together the entire fashion ecosystem through our Innovation Platform and as a convenor for change.

About The Knitwit Stable

The Knitwit Stable is a mini knitting factory, research, knowledge and training center for wool processing. They focus on sustainability and transparency and dive deep into the supply chain, to give you insight into the entire production process for knitted clothing.

‘Goat to Garment’ Screening + Learning Lab