The Relationship between Fashion Waste & Privilege in Singapore

By Fashion Revolution

4 days ago

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It’s no secret that the fashion industry has a waste crisis. As we wag our fingers at fashion brands that grapple with their perfectly good overstock in often destructive ways, we as consumers could also afford to take a closer look at the way we grow tired of perfectly good clothes and inadvertently fuel the creation of more - more clothing and more packaging.

Why is there so much fashion waste? What can we do to solve this problem? And what really happens to the clothes we discard, or donate?

With less than 10% of donated clothing actually being circulated through charity shops and 94% of all textile and plastics waste being incinerated and landfilled, perhaps it is time for us to reckon with the privilege that fuels it.

Join us in this conversation to discuss:

  • what fashion waste looks like in Singapore
  • the role of privilege in fashion waste
  • how brands and consumers can be part of the solution