The Fashion Revolution Clothes Swap

By Fashion Revolution

3 days ago

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Join The Fashion Revolutions Clothes Swap 2021. Renew fashion with the Nuw community, and make a change to your wardrobe.

Make #LovedClothesLast in the biggest swap shop event of the year. Taking place virtually across the UK & Ireland from 6-10pm on Thursday 22nd April, only on the Nuw app.

How to join:
1. Download the Nuw app ( link can be found in the Eventbrite )
2. Create your (free!) account
3. Upload to swap from your wardrobe
4. Get a token
5. Join the event

Not sure what to swap?
Find a piece from your wardrobe that you know deserves a new home, and share on Nuw to start swapping!

Who can I swap with?
On the 22nd April, discover incredible brands and unique new-to-you fashion to start swapping for free. Remember, 1 token = 1 swap. The more tokens you have, the more swapping you can do.