Moda en Verde Knitting Club

By Fashion Revolution

3 days ago

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This online event will welcome knitters who want to share an afternoon of knitting in the technique that best suits them, using their own yarn and tools (crochet, needles, loom, etc).
The aim is to offer a space where we will share experiences and talk about the Fashion Revolution Week, the mental health benefits of hand-knitting, how we can create beautiful garments and unique accessories using our hands, what we can express through knitting and the "Yo tejo para ti" campaign (this is a campaign organised in Chile that invites knitters to knit beanies to donate them to charity organisations helping underprivileged groups of people).

Te esperamos el próximo 25 de abril 🙂. Únete a la Revolución de la Moda y participa en el Moda en Verde Knitting Club 🧶.