Fashion Revolution Week Workshops

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1 week ago

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25/04/2021 All day

Circular Workshops
We invite you to organize your own circular fashion workshop, sharing with the public the special techniques and knowledge behind the success of your company.

Upcycling Circular Fashion Corner
Organize a workshop related to sustainable fashion, upcycling or any other innovative techniques you use, contributing to ethical fashion. You can upload your workshop recorded as a submission to the festival, or it will be broadcast live on the festival channels.

Art & Costume Exhibition
We invite you to raise your voice by designing your own costume or project on "Modern slavery" and "Human Trafficking", applying sustainable practices (upcycling, zero waste, sustainable material, etc.)

The works will be hosted on the (Writer & Director Konstantinos Mousoulis) and will take part in the Human Slavery Artists Competition. All artists will have the opportunity to be nominated by the Human Slavery artist competition.