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Viral Message Challenge

The Goal
Companies are at the mercy of their customers.  And as consumers we can push companies to make the changes and reveal information we want.  Social media gives consumers the power to reach thousands of people in an instant.

So let's use that power for good!

Teams are tasked with creating social media campaigns to spread awareness of issues in the fashion industry and push companies towards transparency.  The team with the most engagement on their campaign wins the challenge, and everyone wins in the end!

This event is part of the Hashtag Revolt Campaign and the Transparency Beyond Tier One project.

The Team Structure
Teams are welcome to join from anywhere. They can join as a pre-made team or we are happy to match up with other participants.

We welcome participants from anyone of any age, anywhere in the world! Keep in mind that the workshops and pitches will take place on Dublin Time (GMT). Teams are expected to participate in the workshops and final pitches to be determined for the final prizes.

The Schedule
Introduction Talk -- Saturday 17th (2GMT - 4GMT)
During this workshop, we will explain to participants the different aspects of the issues around companies disclosing their production practices.

During this time we'll hear from speakers who are experts on fashion, corporate structure, production, or other relevant topics to better understand why the current issues exist and what the possible solutions are. We will also explain the details of the challenge. During the event, the teams will need to identify a specific aspect of listed companies’ production practices that they are hoping to change.

They will be tasked with creating and implementing a social media campaign to draw attention to the issue and to influence the relevant companies. Teams will have 24h on Monday 19th, the first day of the Fashion Revolution 2021 to put their campaign out there and measure their impact! Success will be measured in the number of people they manage to connect with (through shares, likes, views, etc), the amount of action they are able to affect (through petition signatures, emails sent, etc), and whether they were able to get a response from the target company. We will wrap with a talk from a relevant marketing expert on how to create a campaign that draws attention to a relevant issue and affect action.

Mentor session -- Sunday 18th (2GMT - 5GMT)
The teams will meet during the day with a mentor to discuss the progress of their campaign and get last-minute feedback if needed. Mentors include experts in sustainability, fashion industry, communication, social media, animation, design.

Action DAY-- Monday 19th All-day
Teams are implementing their campaign for 24h on social media!

Results day - Wrap up Tuesday 20th - 6GMT - 8GMT
Teams will present their campaign to the panel of judges.

The winning team (based on the pitch impact numbers, and any other criteria that can be determined) is announced!

The Prize
The winners will get their own blog post on the Fashion Revolution and be included in the Fashion Revolution weekly newsletter. So they can share what they accomplished with the world!

More Infos

Please have a look at the webpage to stay tuned and see which speakers and mentors you'll get the chance to meet! Webpage HERE