Communally creating total ethics fashion with Collective Fashion Justice

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2 weeks ago

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17/09/2022 21:30 - 18/09/2022 05:00 (America/New_York)
The Edge, Fed Square
Address: Swanston St &, Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Join us for a day of total ethics fashion! We'll be hosting a clothing swap, offering clothing recycling, eating delicious vegan food, hosting a panel discussion on how to create a total ethics fashion system, sharing clothing repair tips, and screening our short film, Willow and Claude.

Event schedule:

Drop offs for our clothing swap open, and you can bring up to five quality items to swap. Stick around to enjoy the music and food, to pick up a total ethics fashion booklet, recycle unswappable clothes, or learn about clothing repair from Julia English.

Our swap event begins! Everyone will receive tokens in exchange for the clothes they bring along, so everyone will come away with something new to love and care for.

Our swap finishes, and we'll begin preparing for our panel discussion.

A panel discussion between Fiona Patten MP of the Reason Party, Jenna Flood aka The Ironic Minimalist, and Tessa Carroll of A_C, moderated by onnsumer behaviour PhD candidate and lecturer Rachel Lamarche. We'll be exploring how we can help to create a total ethics fashion system – in our own wardrobes, our communities, and on a political level.

Our panel discussion finishes, and we'll set up for our film screening – but first, a trailer for SLAY! Why not get a sweet treat before it begins?

A screening of our multi-award winning short film, Willow & Claude, which explores what it means to craft a total ethics fashion knitwear supply chain.

7:00PM finish

Cost: $5 - $15

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