Circular Fashion Panels

By Fashion Revolution

1 week ago

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We would like to inform you that the conference part of the festival is by invitation only from the co-organizing Organizations of Civil Society and State Bodies.

Ethical and sustainable fabrics with guest speakers from all stages of textile production. The panel will be held in split rooms so that we have the opportunity for dialogue. It will address the challenges brands face in finding ethically and sustainably made fabrics.

Tradition & Traditional Dressmaking Techniques. The participants are from museums and heritage brands. We will discuss the possible applications of traditional techniques in modern fashion, as well as the contribution of dressmaking to women's emancipation.

  • If you consider that you have a speciality in one of the topics of either human trafficking or circular fashion we will be happy to hear from you. Send us an email at with your name, your title, the topic you would like to cover with your speech, a short CV and we will contact you immediately.
  • If you'd only like to digitally attend the event, we will send you the invitation in early April. The panels will be held in zoom and at the same time will be live-streamed on all channels of the festival with open participation of the public from Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.More details about the schedule to be announced.