Can Fashion be Truly Sustainable? – The Big Debate

By Fashion Revolution

2 weeks ago

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In this discussion we will look at the impact that our current working practices have already had, explore the new proposed way of doing things and debate if they are able to really make a different to both the environment and the bottom line.

Our Panel
- Chair: Paul Alger MBE - Director of International Affairs at UK Fashion & Textile Association
- Dr Patsy Perry - Reader in Fashion Marketing at Manchester Metropolitan University
- Mark Bloom - Managing Director at KOMODO

Discussion points:
- What do we mean by sustainability?
- What has been the cost of past and current practices to date?
- What is greenwashing and how much of an issue is it?
- Is there hypocrisy amongst consumers? (in particular gen z)
- New trends in sustainable sourcing
- How important is upcycling, recycling & thrifting?
- The commerciality of sustainably fashion?